Chinese researchers conduct survey on plateau lake

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Keluke is the largest freshwater lake in the Qaidam Basin. It covers around 58 square kilometers and sits 2,5000 meters above sea level.

The survey will be significant to understanding the influence of climate change on plateau lakes and infrastructure such as railways and highways, as ice may thaw and cause flooding, said Li Qijiang, deputy head of the provincial hydrology and water resources survey bureau.

The survey was conducted by Qinghai authorities and Changjiang scientific research institute.

Researchers used drones and autonomous vessels to collect data of the lake and surrounding area, such as the volume of lake, lakebed terrain, water quality and aquatic life.

XINING, May 28 (Xinhua) -- Researchers conducted a survey on Keluke Lake, an inland plateau lake in northwest China's Qinghai province, on Monday to monitor the impact of climate change on it.